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Execute Aquarium Move without any damage

Moving is always a logistical challenge: extensive planning and consideration are required. After that, there are numerous appointments and deadlines, and things that could become challenging. It becomes very difficult when you need to move an aquarium. To ensure that the houses of the roommates and the fish are relocated successfully, an aquarium relocation should be carefully planned.

Relocation of an aquarium requires a lot of things so that there are no problems. The goal is to transport the aquarium, as well as the plants, the contents and of course the fish, safely to the new apartment.

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You should not underestimate the weight of an aquarium tank. The land, the gravel and also the water, have a lot of weight. Of course, the decisive factor is always the volume and size of your aquarium. A certain amount of preparatory work must be done so that your movers have a chance for a successful move with an aquarium. Did you know that there are even specialists for this? With the Schwalbe Moving company, you have come to the right place!

Fragile Caution

If you move the aquarium, it can happen that very quickly the contents or the floor slips. If the fish are still in there, they are endangered. It is therefore important that you remove the contents of the aquarium beforehand if you are planning to move the aquarium.

Prepare and plan enough time for that Aquarium Move

When moving the aquarium, don’t take on too much on the moving day. This means that you should allow extra time for the following tasks:

  • Dismantling
  • Transport
  • Reconstitute

It may also be a good idea to move the aquarium later when all the moving boxes have already been moved and the furniture is in the new home. The most important thing is that you approach the aquarium patiently and consciously. So the aquarium is dismantled last so that the time for transporting the fish is kept short.

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The aquarium tank and the glass is not the only challenge when moving your aquarium. Of course, dimensions and handling also play an important role here. The aquarium gets heavier and more challenging to move as it gets bigger. To carry and move the aquarium, it should be fully empty in any case. Of course, this also applies to the moving service booked for this purpose. Planning the reliable transportation of the fish and aquarium inhabitants is equally important.

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Special Tips for Moving with an Aquarium

The fish survive the change of residence best if they can return to the old water. It means that you can fill as much old aquarium water as possible into suitable canisters. Later, it will be easier to relieve the stress of the fish. Also, think about the numerous helpful bacteria and microorganisms that are already in this water. These create a suitable environment for the aquarium fish. The fish are used to that too. Therefore, avoid completely replacing the water when moving your aquarium. Otherwise, the fish can die. Therefore, keep at least 50% of the liquid contents in canisters.

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So that the fish arrive safely

When it comes to finding the right place for the aquarium in your new home, you should pay attention to both the dimensions and the tank temperature. Be sure to calculate the entire location about the total weight of the aquarium. When you are resetting the aquarium, make sure to check if there is any damage to the glass. The walls can break if slight cracks occur during transport. A reputable small transport company or moving company is of course provides insurance for this. If everything is in order, you can insert the plants and start decorating and setting up the aquarium. After the water is in the aquarium, you should add the fish. You don’t have to feed them on the first day because the fish have to adapt.

A Professional Aquarium Move with a company

If you are looking to relocate a huge marine aquarium then contact any professional moving company. A professional knows exactly how to transport an aquarium without damage. When looking for a good aquarium moving company, you will come across numerous providers. If you want to choose the best one, you are in good hands with Schwalbe Moving Company. You are welcome to contact us by phone or email.