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Seniors Move in Berlin with Moving Company Schwalbe

There are usually good reasons to have senior moves in Berlin carried out by a professional moving company, e.g. B. if physical fitness is no longer as good as it used to be. For this reason, barrier-free apartments for older people are an absolute priority. Even if the adult children want to look after their parents but live far away, moving older people with our reputable moving company is an optimal option. Domestic changes are usually caused by the death of a partner or an accident that limits mobility. This burden for seniors is usually difficult enough. Our sensitive team is prepared for such life situations and acts taking the given situation into account.

For everything to go smoothly on a moving day, the move must be carefully planned and prepared. This is exactly where our professional Berlin moving company comes into play. Our professional moving company has specialized in moving senior citizens for years.

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Moving company with experience in Seniors Relocation

Our goal is to make the senior move as smooth as possible as a whole new phase of life begins. The employees of the Schwalbe moving company demonstrate the necessary sensitivity when dealing with their customers. For example, when assembling older furnishings during a senior move, special technical knowledge is required and is a great advantage. Especially among older people, you sometimes come across very valuable, decades-old pieces of furniture and often beloved furnishings.


Leave bulky items to the experts

Special transport of mostly large and bulky furniture or objects is usually important. The piano is the classic here. You will quickly notice that only specialists can carry out such tasks. For this reason, while moving for seniors in Berlin, older people frequently choose a full-service moving company like Schwalbe. With such an offer, everything is covered: preparation, professional packing, provision of packaging materials, dismantling and assembly of furniture, transport and unloading as well as unpacking. The experts can even connect electrical devices.

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Self Storage – Store your belongings

If you are moving to a smaller home during a senior move and have pieces of furniture that you are still very attached to but no longer need, there is the option of storage. Our first-class full-service moving company offers storage for items you don’t need during the senior move, making the relocation as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

You deal with a lot of questions about moving seniors to Berlin at an early stage because experience has shown that the best decisions can be made without pressure. In an emergency, a quick solution must be found if too much time passes. There is little scope to find out more about various offers. The moving company Berlin Schwalbe is available to you as a consultant for a senior move as well as a private move, company move or international move.

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