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Frankfurt (Oder)

Are you interested in experiencing Schwalbe moving service throughout Germany? And would you like to find out more about the service and more information about our prices?

We will answer all your questions and would clear all your concerns here. Of course, you are also welcome to visit us in person. We are available during our operational hours. You can find further information about this on our website.

We cordially invite you to do so.

Moving to & from Frankfurt with Moving Company Schwalbe: Your professional Moving Partner

Let’s talk about our professional moving helpers: We also offer our customers the provision of individual helpers for your move throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.

Frankfurt (Oder)

Would you like to avoid stress and need the help of several people with your move to Berlin? No matter whether a private move, company move, senior move or international move is coming up, we at the Schwalbe Moving Company have a great offer for you.

We also help our customers with individual moving helpers.

If you want to save yourself the strenuous work involved in moving, simply contact us over the phone.

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Wo finde ich für meinen Umzug in Frankfurt Oder

Where can I find the moving materials for moving to Frankfurt cheaply?

Every move indeed requires appropriate materials and understanding the importance of it, we at the Berlin Moving Company also offer our customers the delivery of moving materials.

This refers to materials that you will find in the following table:

– Adhesive tapes – for securely fixing the moving boxes
– Packing silk – for the safe transport of your sensitive glasses
– Bubble wrap – for various tasks
– Clothes boxes – for keeping your valuable clothes safely in one place, on the other hand, to transport
– moving boxes – in a used or new condition

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Renovation Work before and after the move: Can a moving company help me with that too?

We at the Berlin moving company make it possible. It is usually necessary to ensure that the apartment is restored after the tenant has moved out. You can find further details in your rental agreement. Of course, there are some exceptions if certain agreements are included in the rental agreement.

For example, have you changed the colour of the walls in your apartment or caused damage to your apartment? You may then be responsible for restoring and repairing this damage. This type of damage must be repaired by the tenant after moving out.

If this is also the case for you, then you can commission a moving company like our Berlin moving company to carry out these tasks throughout Germany.

Which works on the renovations must be taken over by the tenant himself?

Depending on the agreement with the landlord or housing company, kitchens and bathrooms must be renovated regularly. This is usually agreed upon over three years. The kitchen must be differentiated from the so-called side rooms. Because these types of rooms only need to be renovated every seven years.

However, when it comes to living quarters, we speak of an interval of five years. By commissioning the painting work to the Schwalbe moving company, you save yourself this type of work.

Please contact us by phone or via our contact form, which you can find on our homepage. We are your partner for moving from Berlin to Frankfurt/Oder.

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