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Hartz 4 move: This is how you can shift to your new apartment

For Hartz4 recipients, moving is possible at any time. However, changing your place of residence always costs a lot of money, and that is uncommon for unemployed people. The job centre is not allowed to prohibit the Hartz4 move but the office does not have to pay the bill for it either. Only if the clerk sees a good reason why the Hartz4 move is urgently needed will the unemployment benefit 2 recipient receive approval for financial support.

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Hartz 4 Umzug: So gelingt der Wechsel in die neue Wohnung

Hartz4 move without permission? Not a good idea!

It is important to apply first, wait for the answer and only start everything if you receive a positive decision. This is the only way you can be sure that the money will flow and that you will not have to bear the costs out of your pocket. A Hartz 4 move without approval can be quite expensive for the mover, and this must be avoided. Luckily, there are many good, legally guaranteed reasons to move – one of them will probably suit you too.

What requirements must be fulfilled in the Hartz4 move?

The requirements for a Hartz 4 move paid for by the office are listed in SGB II. For the clerk to view your reasons as credible, you should provide all available evidence to prove the situation. This includes, for example, public correspondence (including by email), a medical certificate, a recent employment contract and letters from a lawyer. You are entitled to reimbursement of moving costs under the following conditions:

  • Cheaper rent: Moving into an apartment with significantly lower costs
  • Loss of apartment: Landlord has given effective notice of termination
Hartz4 Umzug ohne Genehmigung? Keine gute Idee!
  • Starting work: Hartz 4 Move to another city to start the new job
  • Mental health: Hartz 4 moving for documented psychological reasons?
  • Physical health: Change of residence, e.g. to a barrier-free apartment
  • Family circumstances: Changed situation due to marriage, offspring or separation
  • Landlord relationship: The relationship with the landlord is irreparably damaged
  • Living situation: Unacceptable conditions, e.g. due to constant noise
  • Mold: Mold in the apartment that the landlord does not remove

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Moving Hartz 4: What does the job centre pay – and what does it not pay?

The cost of your change of residence has been approved, can you start moving? Remember that the office only pays certain costs and always pays attention to reasonableness. Regardless of whether your Hartz 4 move is for psychological reasons or there are other motives: the services to be expected always look somewhat the same.

The office pays you…

  • … Your moving boxes
  • A flat rate for required moving help
  • The moving truck with gas money
  • Possibly an initial supply upon separate request
  • … After consultation, the rental deposit via an interest-free loan
  • … In justified cases advertisements, brokers and viewings

If possible, stay within the specified maximum limits and do not spend more money than the office provides. You have to pay anything over the maximum amount yourself.

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Friends in short supply: Does the job centre also pay a moving company?

As a rule, a Hartz4 move is carried out privately, i.e. without a moving company involved. The office will only cover the costs of professional help under clearly defined conditions. If the following obstacles stand in your way as a recipient of unemployment benefit 2, you can have good hope of getting a moving company paid:

  • Disabilities: Mental or physical limitations
  • Illnesses: Serious illnesses that hinder you
  • Age: Severe limitations due to advanced age

Submit a separate application to ask the job centre to cover the costs. If you can provide a medical certificate, you have much better cards in your hand. A health insurance certificate can also be useful. You are also obliged to contact three different moving companies and present the relevant offers. Moving company Schwalbe in Berlin is usually on board as a cheap, reliable provider. The company has gained years of experience with Hartz4 moves and always carries them out successfully.

What else needs to be considered in Hartz4 move? 

Apart from the question of covering costs, a Hartz4 move hardly differs from other moving options. For example, whenever you change your place of residence, the rule applies that it is useful to start planning and organizing early. Immediately after the job centre’s approval, you must cancel your apartment and sign the new rental agreement.

It’s best to start packing straight away, while at the same time taking advantage of the opportunity to clear out thoroughly. Maybe you can even sell a few older but still usable things to earn some pocket money for your move. In any case, such a change always offers the best opportunity to shed baggage and make a fresh start on several levels.

Hartz 4 Moving to another federal state: Is that possible?

A Hartz4 move to another federal state financed by the job centre is also possible without any problems if the reasons mentioned above speak for it. The “borders” within Germany do not represent an obstacle in this sense, but you must register with the new job centre if you continue to receive benefits. This also applies to Hartz 4 moves to another city if the responsibilities change. However, if you no longer receive Hartz 4 benefits because you are taking up work, simply deregister.

Schwalbe Moving Company: This is how we get into business!

You can reach your trusted moving company by email, telephone or via the digital contact form. Arrange an on-site appointment as soon as possible to discuss everything important and receive a free offer. Be prepared to receive not only strong support but also expert advice. With the professionals, you are always on the safe side!