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10 tips for an affordable move in Berlin

The following guide tells you the best tips and tricks to help you organize your stay in Berlin at a great price. You may be changing homes for the first time. In Berlin, there are a lot of details you need to think about so that you don’t have to pay any fines or extra fees. This starts with competent and affordable removal assistance and even extends to registration deadlines, which you should not miss. With the best tips and tricks, you can save money and organize your stay in Berlin at a reasonable price. Don’t automatically assume that you’ll have to do without a removal company. You can even choose a cheaper option this way. The decisive factor is not only the favorable removal date but also the distance and volume of the move. To help you avoid costly mistakes and get a cheap chance to visit Berlin, you can read the following 10 tips.

1. Save moving costs when Renovating

The best way to save on removal costs is to do the renovation yourself. Of course, you must know how to do this. Most of the renovation work in terms of painting can be done in an old flat. The same applies to any holes in the wall because you hung some pictures in the past. If you can do it yourself, you can save a lot of money. If not, you should ask for help from acquaintances, friends, and family. There may be a tradesman in your neighborhood whom you can ask to do this. This way, you can keep costs to a minimum.

2. Calculate moving costs and compare Prices

Moving costs are easy to calculate if you ask for separate estimates and quotes. It is important to compare these in your spare time. Therefore, this is not possible without a proposal that you put in writing in your hand. If you are looking for assistance from a freight forwarder or moving company, you should ask several companies for it. Make sure you can compare the services to each other. In the end, the price-performance ratio is always decisive. Of course, the serious performance of the craftsmen and removal assistants you want to hire for the move is also decisive. Of course, the same applies if you want to book a craftsman for painting or renovation work. When you get different offers, you are choosing the cheaper option and perhaps even negotiating to get additional discounts.

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3. Moving Companies Berlin reduce costs effectively with good planning

Remember that you can always reduce the costs of moving companies in Berlin effectively if you plan everything well. Of course, this means that planning ahead also means flexibility in terms of the date of transfer. So, you can simply opt for a smart date. The cost is higher if you choose the last day of the month or the weekend. So, can you adjust the moving company’s capabilities so you can renegotiate the price? You can ask for special leave, which will be granted by your boss if you go to work, for example. Additionally, with the initial plan, you can cancel any contracts you have in place for your Internet contract, telephone contract, or cable connection in time. You are allowed to let these contracts expire at any time. This way, you avoid double costs due to duplicate contracts.

4. Berlin moves to claim parking ban on the cheap

If you move in Berlin, finding a parking space can seem bleak. This means you can apply for a no-parking zone in advance. It is best to do this well in advance. Inquire about fees so you can claim a Berlin move ban at a fair price when you really need it. Then, if, for example, you do not need a two-way area or do not choose a good day with an advantageous date, the fees may vary.

5. Don’t pay double rent

It may seem almost unrealistic when you read this, but it could still happen that you have to pay double the fare. This happens when you make a mistake when you find out about your periods. You should avoid doubling the rental cost at all costs, as this will greatly increase the cost. Therefore, this is the best way to achieve a seamless transition when it comes to paying rent. However, sometimes such overlaps cannot be avoided. This situation occurs when additional renovation work has to be done. However, intelligent advance planning can prevent this.

6. Dismantle and assemble furniture yourself

Of course, if you have two left hands, you can also hire a professional from a moving company to disassemble and assemble the furniture. It’s the same with a kitchen if you want to take it with you and rebuild it. However, if this doesn’t work you may also be wasting time. Dealing with furniture and structure is not always easy. Still, you can save money if you disassemble your bed or wardrobe yourself. Remember to keep small spare parts well stocked and work on the project with the right tools.

7. Moving vehicle and Transporter

It may be possible for you to arrange for a car with a trailer or towbar in a private environment. This allows you to save costs if the move is limited in terms of moving volume. Do the math to find out.

8. Use additional loading and save money

If you take advantage of the additional loading option, you can save additional costs. This works, for example, if there are empty runs at a freight forwarding company. It is best to inquire about it from different providers.

9. Deduct moving costs from your taxes

It may be possible for you to deduct your relocation costs from your taxes. This works, for example, if these can be claimed as income-related expenses and you use them to file your tax return. The deciding factor is whether this is a personal move or you are moving due to work. It’s best to ask your tax advisor.

10. Sort and sell well

You should not only dispose of and throw away household items, but also sort them as thoroughly as possible. You can sell the best items for profit. To do this, you can either use the Internet or organize a flea market. Some moving companies also cover the cost of purchasing good furniture or high-quality home accessories, so you can keep moving costs down accordingly.