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Company relocation – these 10 points to consider

If you have a company headquarters in Berlin, you will appreciate the spacious open-plan offices with high character. Berlin is not only a nice place to live, but it is also home to many office complexes from many different companies and businesses. Whether small basement flats, open-plan offices, or even entire warehouses, the choice is huge. There are many office spaces for rent in Berlin that offer ample space and great office conditions. But sometimes the premises are too small, too big or too old and a new office has to be found.

Anyone who wants to move their office usually faces the huge challenge of a very complex company relocation. Most offices require a lot of furniture, documents, important papers and equipment like computers, which of course have to be taken with them. This makes a company relocation more extensive than any other move and requires a great deal of organization, planning, structure, and expertise on the part of the boss and his staff.

Would you like to change your office and are planning a company relocation? In this article, we walk you through the ideal process for such a large project. Find out what you need to keep in mind if your company is about to undergo a major relocation. We have summarized for you the most important tips on how to organize a successful, fast, and efficient company relocation.

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Company relocation Berlin– This checklist can help

Moving a company from one office to another in Berlin is a difficult task. However, managing them is by no means impossible! With the help of this short checklist that we have summarized for you, you can get an initial overview of the tasks involved and the most important points that you should consider:

Cancellations from the old office

You should take care of canceling your old office complex in time. You may have to follow a three-month notice period. You should do this in good time to avoid paying twice.

Search for a new tenant, if necessary

If the landlord does not have a suitable new tenant ready immediately or you want to get rid of the rooms quickly, you will have to find a new tenant yourself.

Deregistration from the city and authorities

Electricity, gas, your company headquarters, post office – you should deregister all these things in time so that you can move to the new company headquarters where your post comes from and your company address is up to date.

Select and hire a removal company

Now it’s time to get down to business. You need professional help with your company relocation! The removal company Schwalbe carries out all types of removals and has been successfully performing them for many years. That’s why our team draws its energy and expertise from a blend of experience and good teamwork. We will be happy to advise you and your company at any time on any questions you may have regarding your company relocation and look forward to hearing from you.

Instruct employees

Organizing a company relocation can be a major challenge. Therefore, inform your employees in time. A team must remain cohesive and you will be able to trust and rely on your employees during the move!

Decluttering and packing

Now it’s time to pack everything. Depending on the size of the company and the back office, this could mean a lot of work. Paperwork, important documents, and all electronic equipment such as computers, monitors, projectors, and printers should be packed professionally and carefully.


Depending on the condition of the new office, it should be renovated before installing furniture and installing electrical equipment. There may be a need to paint the walls afresh or put a company logo on the wall. Only then is the office ready for occupancy. At Schwalbe Removals we are always happy to help with painting and renovation work!

Book a moving truck and parking space

Anyone moving house in Berlin often faces the famous problem of finding a parking space. When moving, it is extremely important to find a parking space right outside the front door so that heavy equipment does not have to be carried so far and it is easier to load and unload the van. You can order a no-stopping zone sign in advance from Schwalbe Removal Company.


Don’t forget to re-register yourself and your company headquarters! Firstly, you are legally obliged to do so and secondly, you want your mail to arrive at your new office quickly!

Unpacking and arrival

Once the move is complete, you can take a breather. But even this won’t last long, because it’s time to unpack! All the furniture needs to be installed and assembled and the electrical equipment also needs to be connected professionally. Is there a kitchen in your office? You have to collect this also before starting your daily office life. However, there is professional help available for all this so that you do not have to be completely on your own. Schwalbe Removal Company not only has several professional removal assistants, but we also offer an installation service through which we can guarantee that your kitchen will be professionally installed!

You are not only the boss of your company, but also the boss during the entire move, because our top priority is your satisfaction!