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How long does a move take? How to reduce the stress?

Large journeys of more than several hundred kilometers can be a real challenge for you as a private individual. Especially those who are planning to move in on face the problem of confusing cost calculations. We, therefore, recommend that you find a suitable removal company like Schwalbe Removals and leave this important task, and therefore all your belongings, in professional hands.

We have already organized and managed thousands of removals and can confirm from our many years of experience that time is money! This can be seen above all when you understand the main costs. These main costs, which are incurred at every step, consist of removal costs, working time of removal assistants, and travel costs. Since our removal personnel have adequate expertise and a professional approach, they work quickly and save time. This means that not only can you save money, but a professionally organized move will also reduce your stress levels to a great extent.

How long does a move take?

If you want to manage a task alone with the help of friends and family, it can be quite challenging. First, there is the organization, which you will have to do alone and without the expertise of a removal company. It should be noted that this can sometimes take weeks or months. Especially if you’re not familiar with which contracts you should cancel first or how to create a structured moving list. There is also the question of whether there will be enough helpers and strong enough to carry a washing machine from a flat. This requires not only time but also a willingness to be with you that day. You should also calculate the distance required to travel from the old property to the new property. Depending on how far away they are, you may need several hours for the journey alone. If you add to this the time it takes you and your helpers to load and unload the goods from the van, you will need a lot of time to move yourself. Therefore, this step will take several hours, perhaps even several days. Follow-up work should also not be neglected. You may have to return to your old house after your stressful day and paint or renovate it. This can be a huge task without the help of a professional removal company.

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How long does a move with a company take?

The work you’ve hired a removal company to do usually takes much less time than the move when you take everything into your own hands. First of all, a removal company makes the organization’s requirements easier for you because you are working with professionals who know how to move ahead. Thanks to us, Schwabe Removal Company, and our special talent for organization, you too can benefit from it. By entering all the help you need when planning your move directly on our website, you will be one step faster than writing everything by hand. For example, take a look at our furniture list, which you can create on our website as part of your relocation planning. This makes it much faster to calmly note down all your stuff and organize and sort everything. This will give you a good overview of your household items and you won’t forget anything that you might not have thought about in your haste. You won’t have to think about it for a long time after this, but will immediately know what you have. It also speeds up the work for us as a removal company, as we can better calculate what needs to be packed.

Questions: How many helpers do you need for a move?

When moving house, it all depends on whose help you are taking. If you are doing it alone with the help of friends and family, you will need more helpers than professional removalists. This is only because, unlike less experienced assistants, professional assistants have the right tricks, time-saving and efficient way of working and they can also work perfectly as a team with other removal assistants. So you will need 5 to 10 energetic helpers for one step. However, if you decide in favor of Schwabe Removals, this number will be reduced. We have been working together for years and know how to reach our goals quickly and efficiently as a team. Therefore, our goal is not to impose any hidden costs on you by bringing in more helpers than necessary.

How quickly do you get a moving company?

A removal company like Schwalbe Removals is often requested, especially in a city like Berlin. Nevertheless, we strive to take care of our customers and we are aware of the urgency that sometimes occurs when customers inquire about our service. That’s why we’ve created a quick and efficient contact process for you. With us, you can complete the entire registration and booking process for your move online. As soon as you have decided to organize the move with us, why not contact us today by phone or using the form? With us, you have the opportunity to contact one of our staff directly to get rid of all your questions and concerns. If no one is available at the moment, you can easily request a callback online. If you are already one step ahead and the general conditions have already been finalized, you can use our online moving planner directly on our website. Here you can easily enter your details, the size of your household items, and the distance between your old and new house.

How long does it take to pack moving boxes?

The first thing to do is to plan the right and, above all, enough moving boxes for your move. With proper coordination, packing a box can be done relatively quickly. You should ensure that all heavy items are placed at the bottom of the moving boxes and lighter items are placed at the top. This will protect important items from breakage. Make sure the boxes have open handles so they can be easily lifted later. Now allocate the contents of the boxes to specific rooms or themes by labeling the boxes accordingly. Do not weigh more than 18 kg per box to prevent them from bursting.