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Moving abroad made easy: With these 10 steps

Are you yearning for a change of scenery, a change in your life, or even a fresh start? Sometimes this urge may arise when you want to start a new phase of your life because you have faced dissatisfaction in some area of ​​life.

Maybe it’s a job-related move, a desire to be closer to loved ones, or a long-awaited dream coming true.

Whatever the reason: We, as your moving company in Berlin, want to support you and stand behind your decision!

But it’s not an easy step it’s a very nerve-wracking step.

A lot of preparation and proper planning is required here. Plus, you don’t want to put too much money in your pockets. After all, you want to set up a “cheap move.”

We will help you find an opportunity to go on this path without spending too much effort and money.

Here are our 10 most important steps for a comfortable stay abroad, guaranteed to help you reduce the moving price:

Our relocation checklist for moving abroad.

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#1 Application, Visa, and work permits

Surely you likely already have a certain country and if so, now the question arises: how does the resettlement process work? If the desired destination is in the EU, this move should prove no problem.

Within the European Union, every German citizen is allowed to move around without a separate permit. Meanwhile, moving to a non-EU country is more complicated: whether it’s a visa or a work permit – depending on the country, certain requirements must be met for a residence permit. Take care of the proper visas about 3 months before the official move.

#2 Less is more

When exposed to a new environment, you feel most comfortable with old habits – but this is not practical. If you are going abroad and want to save money then you should take as little as possible with you.

Part of starting new is letting go of the old. But look at it positively: this way you can reduce the costs of your moving materials, such as the number of moving boxes, and over time you can rearrange the equipment in your new home and move to the corresponding country. Can be inspired by culture!

#3 Cancel old contracts

Be it hobbies like going to the gym or your phone contract with your mobile phone provider – these are all contracts that no longer serve their purpose in your new home. Of course, it is somewhat different if you return to Germany at short intervals and therefore decide to get your mobile phone contract. However, if this is your rental agreement, you should terminate it as soon as possible.

#4 The right moving company

Of course, you should not plan to move abroad alone, you should hire a professional moving company with low moving service costs. They will work with you to create a detailed moving plan, list options for transporting the furniture, and accompany you from start to finish. The cost of relocating the company should not be high.

#5 Prepare Family

Whether you want to migrate with your partner, children, or pets, keep your loved ones’ well-being in mind. Moving to the same city can be life-changing for many people. Leaving a familiar environment and then becoming accustomed to a new culture and perhaps language is not something to be taken lightly. Allow your loved ones to grieve, not to scold, but also to listen empathetically.

#6 Update travel documents

You’re almost there: only a few steps remain to make your dream of moving abroad a reality. To avoid anything going wrong, you should pay attention to the expiry date of your ID card and passport. At least 6 months before expiration, you should renew both ID cards, as many countries do not allow entry with an invalid ID.

#7 Vaccinations

Be it Asia, South and Central America, or Africa – different weather conditions give rise to other diseases. Make an appointment with your family doctor to learn more about possible infectious diseases. Accordingly, you should follow the doctor’s advice.

#8 Get the right insurance

Since you have decided to stay for a long time, the issue of insurance is a big one. It depends on where you live, not what country you’re originally from.

#9 Forwarding order

If you are concerned that letters can still be sent to your old address, you can place a forwarding order for it. This service is also available for your international transfers.

#10 Farewell party

For a proper finale, you should celebrate properly with your friends and relatives. Best wishes for new phases of life, to show courage and make your dreams come true.

We, at Schwalbe Removals, wish you the best of luck and provide additional assistance at any time. Click here to get a personalized and free quote!