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What do you have to consider when moving? – Tips from the Schwalbe Moving Company

Moving house requires a lot of planning and there are a few things you should consider in advance, whether as a family or a single person who will soon be moving to a new home. Many questions are sure to arise: When do I have to give notice at my old flat so that I can move out on time? When can I move to the new one? What renovation work is necessary and what does the homeowner need before moving in and out? What should I keep in mind when packing my furniture? These and many other questions not only bother you. At Schwalbe Removals we are familiar with these and many other problems our customers face. We are here to solve them.

What do you have to consider when moving?

As removal professionals with years of experience, we know exactly what’s important when it comes to planning and we’d love to give you answers on what you should focus on. As soon as you know you’re moving and when your move will take place, you can start planning. The first step is to plan the right and, above all, sufficient moving boxes for your move. The general rule here is: that one moving box is required per square meter of living space. You should also take care to place all heavy items at the bottom of the boxes and keep light and fragile items at the top. This will prevent things like crockery from breaking. Make sure you leave the handles of the boxes open so that they are easy to hold and lift. A special trick is to allocate the contents of boxes according to specific rooms or themes. You can do this by labeling the boxes accordingly. However, the weight per box should not exceed 18 kg, otherwise they may burst. You can purchase moving boxes at any DIY store. However, you can also buy or rent them quickly and easily on our website. You can find out what else you need to keep in mind in our blog post. We do the work, you do the work!

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What do you have to pay attention to when moving? – Private removal

Would you like to move from your private home to a new property? That’s what we mean by private move. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be so personal, you will get help! We are a full-service removal company. This means that we will relieve you of as much of the burden as possible. We start by packing your items for transport to the starting point, then we dismantle your fitted kitchen and furniture. Then everything is loaded. Once you reach your destination, we unload your furniture and transport it to your new property. Once there, we ensure that your transported goods are properly and carefully unpacked and we are happy to help you assemble your kitchen or furniture. If you do not have a parking space in front of your old or new house and need a no-stopping zone sign, you are welcome to book it on our website.

What you need to consider when moving- International relocation

Are you moving soon not just to another city, but to another country? Especially when it comes to a Europe-wide removal, you may be worried that it will be difficult to plan and go beyond your budget. Many kilometers have to be covered, many removal helpers are required, long distances have to be covered and there may be very few vehicles for all the furniture. Don’t panic, you are not alone. At Schwalbe Removals we will work through this with you so that nothing goes wrong.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you register in your destination country and deregister from Germany. You can do this in the concerned office of your city. You should also keep in mind that international moves can cost a bit more. Since an international move involves a long distance from the old to the new city, transportation costs are correspondingly higher. The amount of moves also impacts the overall cost. The final and major cost factor is the type of transportation. So the type of removal has a big impact on the price.

Who do I have to inform if I move?

If you’re moving into a new life, whether it’s a private move or an international move, you’ll first need to inform your old landlord that you’re planning to move out. You should do this at the right time, as the right of cancellation is usually three months. You should also notify your electricity, gas, and internet provider. Of course, your mail should also be delivered to your new home in the future, which is why you should submit a forwarding request. Last but not least, you should inform us so that we can actively support you!

When is the best time to move?

There’s no right time to move on, after all, life is unpredictable. However, it can be said that it is more pleasant to visit when the weather is good. The most important thing is that it is not raining or snowing. This can destroy your furniture or make it too slippery for our removal crews. However, in the middle of summer, it is usually too hot to get work done quickly. Therefore the best time is spring or, if necessary, autumn.

What do I have to consider when moving?- Checklist

While booking, take note of all the important points that need to be considered. Have you thought through all the steps of your detailed removal plan? Then you are ready to go! The checklist, which you can find in our blog, contains all the important points for a successful move and will help you not to forget anything.

What do you need for the move?

First and foremost, you need a lot of time, patience, and detailed planning for any move. Only half the work is done. In terms of materials, you will need the necessary moving equipment. This means you should make sure you have enough moving boxes, enough duct tape to seal them, and also some cleaning products if you want to clean the flat immediately after vacating it. A few rolls for removal assistants are also a good idea.

What needs to be canceled when moving?

Before moving, you should cancel some contracts in time for the moving day. These include, of course, your old flat, your electricity contract, your internet contract, and other smaller contracts that you have entered into specifically for this flat. However, some contracts can also be easily transferred to a new property. You should inquire about this possibility in time.