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Which moving van or truck should we rent for the move?

Anyone who moves house is initially faced with a huge organizational task. Whether you’re moving to a city just a few streets away, on the other side of Germany, or to a completely different country. Wherever your path takes you, a move is a big task and can involve a lot of stress, sweat, and tears. Therefore it must be well planned and executed by experts to make it as enjoyable as possible. At Schwalbe Removals we have made it our mission to make your move quick, simple, efficient, and professional so you can sit back and relax and move into your new home completely stress-free.

The very important question of what type of vehicle you need for your move also comes up when planning a relocation. Is a small removal van enough? Or do you need a larger truck? Where can you hire someone?

We would like to explain all this to you in our following blog post on the topic of transportation during a move. Important tips and advice are included!

Moving Company Berlin– Moving Company Schwabe

Are you looking for a removal company in Berlin? At Schwalbe Removals we are a successful removals company from Berlin. We can guarantee you a smooth start in your new city with many years of experience, the right transporter, the most qualified staff, excellent service, and great customer satisfaction, whether your move is a company move or a private move, you can Can. Plan your move from home easily on our website. Schwabe Removal Company is a full-service removal company. For you, this means that we pack your belongings for transport to the starting point, dismantle your fitted kitchen and furniture, and load, transport, and unload your furniture at the destination. Of course, for all this, we also have our furniture transporters, which we have been using successfully for years for removals, whether long or short distances.

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Furniture transport Berlin

If you need furniture transportation within Berlin, you should look for the best solution for a successful move – a furniture taxi. The removal company Schwabe offers so-called furniture taxis. On the one hand, it is a furniture transport within Berlin. Of course, we can also provide you with a driver. On the other hand, it also means that smaller services such as bulk waste disposal, cleaning or even installation or assembly work can be used. Additional services can be booked easily and conveniently through our website. Professional assistants can also be requested from us if you do not have sufficient help from your environment.

The advantage of using the van of a professional removal company is that everything goes smoothly and quickly. We provide you with professional removal assistants who, unlike inexperienced assistants, have perfect tricks, time-saving and efficient ways of working, and can also work perfectly as a team with other removal assistants. So if you decide in favor of Schwabe Removals, the number of helpers required will be reduced, the packing of the van will be particularly efficient and everything will be done faster. We have been working together for years and know how to reach our destination quickly and efficiently as a team.

Small transport Berlin

Are you traveling only within Berlin? Then you don’t need a big truck. At Schwabe Removals, we attach great importance to a particularly transparent calculation of prices and additional costs, including the required size of your moving transporter. You often hear about disgusting scams from removal companies that lure you with favorable prices, but later sneak up with all kinds of hidden costs. Don’t worry, we are one of the good ones and enable our customers to calculate and plan everything accurately.

Company move Berlin

Are you planning to relocate your company and move your team, inventory, documents, and equipment? Then you should think about planning the relocation of your company. The most effective way to do this is to hire a professional removal company with the right transporter. This way you can avoid time and fuel-consuming journeys. We know exactly what we need to think about and what we need to consider. Particularly critical electrical equipment, such as computers, hard drives, calculators, and other sensitive equipment, often cause concern for walkers. Will they survive transportation undamaged? With the help of a removal company, safe transportation is guaranteed. We know the safest methods of packing and can keep everything safely in the van. Disassembly and assembly is also not a problem for us. Thanks to the right packing materials and a wealth of experience, all of your company’s inventory will arrive at its new home without any damage.

Private move Berlin

Even with a private move, your concern is probably that everything goes smoothly and that the people doing the removal know exactly what they’re doing. Time-saving practices like those at Schwalbe Removals Company ensure that you as the customer save money. The type of transport is a particularly important cost factor. So the type of removal has a big impact on the price. The farther the destination, the more expensive the transportation. Another important point that characterizes our personalized removal service is the consideration of environmental protection and sustainability. You don’t have to worry about the environment when you choose our service. We place great importance on focusing on your wants and needs, but we also care about the environment. How great it is that the two can be combined! Thanks to modern tools and digital technologies, we can work faster and at the same time protect the climate. Our eco-friendly vehicles are eco-friendly even when traveling long distances. All this unites our great service and makes us a full-service removals company.